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Long-haired Russian Toy girl of superb quality from World Winner -2013 FOR SALE

We are delighted to offer long-haired Russian Toy GIRL OF SUPERB SHOW/BREED quality from father World Winner -2013 and mother Russian and RKF Champion FOR SALE !

All further information and more photoes can be seen here.


Royal Fun meets with IBC President Mrs Dagmar Przystaw and German breeders. Germany, April 2011.

In April 2011 on the kind invitation personally from Mrs. Dagmar Przystaw, IBC President Royal Fun met with representatives of  IBC and German breeders.


International ( CACIB) Dogs' Show " Eurasia-2011", Moscow, March 2011

On the 26-27 th of March 2011 the Internatonal ( CACIB) Dogs' Show Eurasia-2011 was held in Moscow. About 6000 dogs from Russia and abroad took part in the show. 

The Biewers's ring was rather numerious and very spectacular as a lot of very beautiful and well prepared dogs came.

Our Art of High Class Jam, J. Champion of Germany, American Chamion, All Russia Champion and RKF Champion came to accompany and stand by his daughter Victoria Blessed Queen, who did very well though it was her first show. 

28 08 2010 - Biewers' litter "V" is born in RF : 3 girls and 1 boy.

Weight at birth: a boy -  160 gr/Girl N1 -150 gr/Girl N2 - 130 gr/Girl N 3 - 160 gr

Mother - Art of High Class Kimberly, father- Art of High Class Jam.

You are most welcome to our website for the further information and photoes which will be published very soon. 

06 08 2010 Biewers' litter "B" is born


June 2010. RF welcomed a new beautiful stud Art of High Class Jam.

 Please, have a look at series of Art of High Class Jam's photoes, which we called  "Do you like Jam ?"( ,

Jam's titles from Dogs' Shows abroad : 

Belle Crown de Lux- Lady Biewer Spring ( new foto session)

Belle is a bride at the moment and as any other bride she admired to be taken photoes of. You are welcome to have a look at Belle's new photoes in the Gallery Lady Biewer Spring 

On the 20th of April 2009 RKF officially recognized Biewers as a separate breed

On the 20th of April 2009 RKF officially recognized Biewers as a separate breed. As decided by RKF Breed Committee the name of the breed is “ Biewer”.

As decided by Dog Show Committee since the date of recognition Biewers are allowed to participate in RKF dog shows and represent group 9 under RKF dog classification. Since its official recognition Biewers’ import pedigrees are being registered by RKF as well as new litters born in Russia. 

How to choose a puppy

Choosing a puppy is, on the one hand, an extremely thrilling thing. Just imagine your dreams came true and you are standing surrounded by adorable little angels who all want to lick you and play with you.