Welcome to ROYAL FUN!

Greetings to those who love Biewer, Biro Yorkshire Terriers, Russkiy Toy dogs,  to just dogs’ and other animals’ fans, to those who are keen on rare breeds and to all people who cannot stay indifferent to a world of beauty !

My name is Helen, I live in my own kingdom which comprises my family, one cat and my beloved dogs. We all live in a huge but great and magnificent city Moscow.

“Why kingdom?”,- you will ask. You will probably think I am not being modest speaking like that about myself. You may be right to a certain extent… but I definitely feel like living in a kingdom as I am surrounded by three handsome men, a most beautiful and cleverest red cat, a Rodesian Ridgeback which is a refine aristocrat and a number of wonderful and fabulous creatures Biewer Yorkshire Terrier a la Pom Pon. All our dogs are addressed as and treated as ladies and gentelemen, so do they behave. We never use words “a bitch” and “a stud” speaking about our dogs. We find these notions too emotionless and pragmatic.

Our dogs are imported from the best European Kennels and we are in good business and informal contact with our European and North America colleagues. Besides, we prefer to exist in a so to say “open system” being Proud Member of International Biewer Club, Germany, Biewer Breed Club of America, Biewer Breed Club of Canada and Biewer Club of Russia.

We are neither aimed at gaining the maximum profit by means of increasing contantly the number of our dogs, nor intend to become a mill producing puppies for sale. The most important and vital thing for us is to preserve and share with you the things we achieved and our royal jewels are our dogs’ health, beauty and promotion. The guidelines of our work are stipulated in the Breeder’s Code of Ethics and it is available at our website.

All our dogs live with us either in Moscow or in the country house and are allowed to move freely around the house and the yard. They are regularly taken for a walk and have a lot of exercise as well as socializing. We presume that only under these circumstances the puppies may grow healthy and good tempered.

We get a lot of joy, love and real ROYAL FUN from our dogs !

We are always glad to welcome you at ROYAL FUN !

Kindest regards from Helen Migutina,
Owner of Royal Fun,
Proud Member of International Biewer Club, Germany,
Biewer Breed Club of America, Biewer Breed Club of Canada,
Biewer Club of Russia