History of the breed


The Biewer was originally a piebald genetic recessive gene occurrence from 2 Yorkshire Terriers. It originated in Germany on January 20, 1984 from a breeding by Werner Biewer’s Yorkshire Terriers. In this particular litter they produced a piebald Yorkie puppy from a genetic recessive gene. This piebald Yorkie puppy’s registered name was Schneeflöckchen von Friedheck.

Sire: Darling von Friedheck, a FCI World Junior Champion in Dortmund. Dam: Fru-Fru von Friedheck a FCI World Junior Champion in Dortmund. Werner Biewer found this puppy to be quite beautiful and began a selective breeding program to produce more piebald puppies. Werner Biewer named these Yorkie’s with white markings “Biewer Yorkshire á la Pom-Pon”. It was from these breedings the Biewer Yorkie was developed. The breed was officially recognized in 1986 by the ACH (Allgemeiner Club der Hundefreunde Deutschland) . In 1988 Mr. Werner took his Biewers to a dog show in Weisbaden.

At the age of 6 m.Иd up to 16 y.o. Kennel "Von Friedheck",breeder Werner Biewer Mrs. Biewer Mr. Biewer

German breeders strongly object to the arguments from the Biewers’ opponents who say that Biewer Yorkshire is a result of mating she-tsu to a Yorkshire and then a maltese. Even a person who is not an expert in dogs and breeding would say that she-tsu has a bigger scull , a high nose, larger eyes and what is the most important their spots are of different colouring. At the same time Biewers’ colouring is only limited by three colours : white, blue/black and gold. If a she-tsu had been used in the breeding programme a body would have been of different shape, the scull would have been more massive and a number of other she-tsu features would have appeared.

Mrs.Biewer with tree generation of Biewer: Schneeflöcken with her daughter Schneewitchen (right) and her two 8 wks. Babies The first Show with Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pon.

The adding « a la Pom Pon» in the name of a breed appeared thanks to a well-known German singer Mrs. Margo Askens. When her husband presented her with a lovely Biewer puppy she was amazed by its beuty and shouted out «… a la Pom Pon».

In 1997, after Mr. Werner Biewer passed away, Mrs. Biewer just kept a few Biewer Yorkshire á la Pom-Pons as pets and the Friedheck kennel ceased to excist. Biewer a la Pom Pon standard was finally signed by Mrs. Werner in 2007.

At present breeders from Germany, Hungary, Holland, Chezh Republic and North America go on with breeding amazing Biewer Yorkshires. At the moment Biewers are spreading all over the world. There are a lot of Biewers' fans and owners in Argentina, Brasil and South Africa. That really proves the growing popularity of the breed.The first Biewers arrived to Russia in 2006.

Biewers’ breeding program is extremely expensive and due to this not all breeders and kennels adhere to Breeder’s Code of Ethics. But those who are in love with this exclusive breed spend their every effort, time and money to get ideal dogs and thus they should be definitely treated with great respect.


The first Biewer in AKC show ring, November 2008Donna Hall has been active in the Canine Fancy since 1975.  Donna is directly responsible for the introduction of the beautiful Biewer to North American soil.

It was during Donna's trip to Germany while showing at a European exhibition, that she was first introduced to the tiny animated little breed we know today as the Biewer.  Being very intrigued with the splendid three colored tiny dogs she made arrangements and had the opportunity to visit a kennel while in Germany.  She ultimately met up with a breeder and put a reserve on a future breeding.

On Donna's return to America she set up the very First American "Mother Club" which was named "The American Biewer Club (ABC or sometimes known as Biewer Club of America).

Donna began the task of contacting several Rare Breed Clubs and requested consideration for the Biewer Breed to be exhibited in conformation events.

IABCA Show, April 2008

On the above photo you can see Calaryn Arnold who used to work with Donna while in BBCA. She is  with her beautiful  Biewer Honey after the last won as Best In Show Rare Breed Reserve at an IABCA show. Mrs Calaryn Arnold is still working hard on the breed development together with her husband Mr. Larry Arnold, their kennel's called Biewers of Calaryn  and they have had  a number of beautiful puppies born in the kennel.

The first two Biewers to enter the show ring in the USA were Decoration, a little male, and a female named Delux who was imported at the same time as Decoration.

The very first show venue to allow the Biewer was the International All Breed Canine Association, also known as IABCA, in June of 2003. Decoration was the first German imported Biewer to receive a Championship and the First Biewer to win a Best in Show.

The Biewer to receive the most Best in Shows in those early years was Quigi, a beautiful male with nice bone structure and a perfectly level top line.  Quigi's show photo taking Best of Breed/Variety where he also took Best In Show the same day.

Since those historic shows numerous Biewers have been shown at sanctioned IABCA shows here in the United States and Canada. The IABCA was the first organization to allow the Biewer to be shown, and was the same organization that became a part of the historic BEST IN SHOW WIN.

NACS SpecialityUntil present day, the North American Kennel Club has followed the Standard submitted by the American Biewer Club and Donna Hall and the Biewer Breed Club of America (BBCA) continues to show under this Standard and in these fabulous venues.

Soon after the Biewer was accepted to be shown in Rarities better known as NAKC  or the North American Kennel Club.  In 2004, The American Biewer Club held it's very first National Specialty. The best of Breed winner was Diana.  She was a beautiful predominately white female with nice bone structure and a perfectly level top line

Theresa Perry and  her beautiful Bitch, Elisa von El Cassius Dio, hold the prestigious title for Top Female Biewer dog for 2006 and 2007 with the North American Kennel Club. Elisa or better known as Lilli went on in 2007 to attend the BYTNC Specialty where she finished her fabulous season with the Best in Specialty Show win.

The First Biewer to have the honor of showing in a AKC Misc. Group was Elisa von El Cassius Dio on November 28, 2008 at the "Motor City Specialty Sanctioned Match" in East Lansing Michigan.

Elisa (Lilli) won (BOB) Best of Breed and went on to win Group 1st in the Misc/Rare Breed Group.  The judging was conducted by AKC Judge Michael Sosne.  Elisa, (Lilli)  is proudly owned by Theresa (BBCA President) & Jack Perry of the BBCA. Many people got to take in the beauty of the Biewer Breed and that is fabulous!

Thanks to the AKC and to Judge Sosne for allowing the Biewer to take it's place in the ring and be shown for the beautiful breed that it is!!!

At present BBCA goes on with its work promoting the breed and practically every week it welcomes new members. To appreciate what has been done by BBCA and American Biewers’ owners you can watch fabulous video from BBCA March 09 Speciality.


The first Biewer shown in Canada was shown in Ontario in 2006, after BBCA member Jan Prosser submitted the standard to the Rare Breed Club of Ontario. The dogs name was Dino Von Castellhun who was originally imported from the von Casellhun kennel in Germany and lovingly shown by his owners/handlers Biewer Castle Kennel of Ontario.

Both Jan Prosser and Helen Curran are proud to be amongst the Original founders of the BBCI now known as the BBCA. And continue working alongside of fellow Biewer Breed Club Executive Directors towards our goals and aspirations for the Breed. The Biewer Breed Club Canada established in 2008 has set out to organize and educate the Canadian Biewer breeders so that this wonderful, highly intelligent, inquisitive little dog will be accepted as a breed all of its own. It is important that a Canadian Breed Club be established to look to the future of this breed as this breed is rapidly gaining in popularity.

We look to the future in hopes of foreseeing how best the BBCC can lead Canadian Biewer breeders in terms of promotion, education, and registration and structured breeding practices of the Biewer. BBCC knows that with careful breeding, the Biewer will be a breed whose future is assured. The breed order we will enact for our breeding pairs will include DNA verification by the major Canine genetic company, as well as exclusively breeding only Biewer to Biewer. BBCC breeder/members will develop lines that will ensure the health of the dog.

We will continue to follow any major health issues that may arise in this breed to see if any lines are producing specific problems. The Biewer Breed Club Canada is dedicated to keeping detailed records of dogs born in Canada.