History of the breed.

БироHere is how Biro breed appeared as put by the first breeder Mr. R.Krah: «The first Biro puppy was born on 01. December 2004 . It was a female and her name was "Art of Highclass Relight My Chocolate Fire" . Her mother "Alisha vom WasserschlЖsschen had born 3 Biewer puppies and the 4th was a Biro girl .We (I and my friend JЭrgen) was so very amazed ! She had have perfect markings but her color was not black but was chocolate colore. Father was Champion "Uz von der Elsteraue ". Six weeks later on 14.January 2005 in the Kennel "from the lightning Showboy (this kennel is nonexistent today) the second Biro female was born . Her mother was "Ailine von Alkotmany" (a doughter from Alisha vom WasserschlЖsschen) and father was our "Uz von der Elsteraue " too . The first Club was registered this Biro dogs was "ACH-L/IBC ", PrДsident Mrs. Dagmar Przystaw . The second Club was "DHS" (Deutsches Hundestammbuch - German Dog-Stud-book) .

A lot of people pleased this color and so some breeders bred this beautiful dogs »

All the photoes were kindly given to Royal Fun by the Biros' breeders.


A Biro girl was born in Canada in January 2010 !

Good news came us from Canada, Quebec. A charming Biro girl was born in a Biewer litter in January 2010 ! It’s our pleasure to share with everybody interested the photos of the little Biro Beauty and her brothers and sister. The photos were kindly sent to Royal Fun by the happy owners of the puppy.

Biro girl Biro among Biewers' litter Biro among Biewers' litter

Please, be aware the Biro girl is not for sale and will be involved into the future Biro breeding program.