Royal Fun meets with IBC President Mrs Dagmar Przystaw and German breeders. Germany, April 2011.

In April 2011 on the kind invitation personally from Mrs. Dagmar Przystaw, IBC President Royal Fun met with representatives of  IBC and German breeders.

This was at the same time meeting of friends and colleagues and business talks. A lot of vital questions were discussed and among them : the priorities in breeding Biewers' programmes, items of Biewers' standard ( the shape of ears, coloring, types of tails, proportions, sizes etc), future development of the breed, questions of IBC recognition of RKF pedigrees and some others.

Besides, both sides were interested in discussing questions regarding German and Russian approach to breeding Biewers.


We would like to express our gratitude personally to Mrs. Dagmar Przystaw and all breeders present at the meeting for  welcoming us and readiness to cooperate in different questions.

"Royal Fun" visiting its friends and colleagues "Art of High Class"

While visiting Gemany in April 2011 we were also welcomed by our friends  from  " Art of High Class". We were not only welcomed wholeheartedly  but , we also shared the experience in Biewers' breeding approach as well as we got to know some useful tips from experienced German breeders.

We were given a unique chance to meet all the dogs which live in absolute love and care and are unaware of cages. They are free to walk wherever they like and while taking a walk or having a rest they do it among flower beds and accompanied by canaries' songs.


We left our friends not alone : we brought to Moscow a male puppy Art of High Class Ornament ( a puppy on the left) , who is famous stud  Art of High Class Jim Beam's son.

Jim Beam was taken back from the previous ownerwhich did not tale good care of him and now he lives with his first breeders and looks fantastic though he is 8 years old already!

We will all have soon a chance to see his new photoes taken by his first beeders from Art of High Class. It will be really very interesting and exciting for all breeders all over the world to see him again !

"Royal Fun" would like to give its thanks to "Аrt of High Class" for the frank and friendly relationship as well as for the business cooperation.

Besides, we do appreciate our warm welcoming from AOH and sharing useful tips and information !