Breeder’s Code of Ethics


Being Proud Members of International Biewer Club (IBC), Germany, Biewer Breed Club of America, Biewer Breed Club of Canada, staying true to Mr. and Mrs. Biewers’ ideas we are guided in our breeding program by the following principals:

  • Our top priority is not the quantity but the quality of our puppies. All our puppies are officially registered with IBC, Germany , receive IBC pedigree certificate, are healthy and fit. They are all good tempered and socialized that allows them to be the favorites of the family as well as to make friends with other pets.
  • All our Biewer/Biro ladies are mated to Biewer/Biro gentlemen in accordance with international breeding standards. Biewer/Biro ladies expecting a new litter are X-rayed and no Biewer/Biro gentleman is used in a breeding program in case it will promote the pedigree.
  • We may have an adult dog for sale but only if we have decided that he or she no longer fits in our breeding program. This could sound a bit harsh but in the end, our goal is to breed perfect little puppies and promote the breed and unfortunately we cannot afford to keep them all. Besides, we will be happy to know this dog has made a perfect pet and companion and brought a lot of happiness to some other home. So now and then we are forced to make heartbreaking decisions.
  • Being a rare and exclusive pedigree Biewer and Biro puppies should be cherished both by the breeder and by the future owner and are not for sale through zoostores, brokers and other commercial agents.
  • A future owner should meet the requirements of the breeder and be interested and capable of growing a happy and a healthy puppy by providing it with all necessary care and grooming.
  • Puppies of a new litter are put on sale and are ready for shipment not earlier than at the age of 10-12 weeks old. By this time they are at least twice checked by a vet, have all necessary tests and vaccinations, wormed and chipped.
  • The breeder provides the future owner with a sales contract as well as a written instruction stipulating everything with regard to feeding, care, grooming, types and time of necessary vaccinations , worming and other important information. The breeder is in contact with the new owner of a puppy for rendering possible assistance in growing a puppy and giving advice and consutations.