Photo Album

Art of Highclass Ethera - our James'grandmother
Dany of Heaven's blue Diamonds - our Kimberly's grandfather
Schnee-Diavolo von Friedh - our James grandgrandfather
Ohlala Exclusive toy - is our Belle's beloved mother
Belle's mother, her little brother and sisters
Fighter von El Cassius Dio - Belle's beloved father
Belle as a Biewer teenager. Look how wonderful is our world !
Oh! It smells so nice !
Our supermodel Belle likes to be taken pictures of at the royal blue background
Belle occasionally likes to look misterious
A true lady to look well should have a nice nap. Belle tries to follow this rule
Delia Queen vom Sudsee Paradies - is a refine Biewer lady
Delia - is a very romantic lady
If you want to feel happier just have a look at our miracle Delia
It is really so hard to be the Queen of a Dog Show! Delia in between the rings
Our glorious Delia while she is just a Biewer baby
James and Kimberly - always together
James and Kimberly are keen on drinking goat milk
Our Kimberly - is an extremely curious little girl
Two charming Biewer ladies - two friends forever...
Running after each other is not only game for us but also perfect fitness.
Mirabelle goes crazy of SPA !
Our fabulous Maggi is a Eurasia-2010 J. Champion now
If somebody finds James Bond an ideal man we find our James Bond an ideal Biewer