What you should think of if you want a mini (teacup) puppy

There is a growing trend of breeding teacup sized Biewer dogs sweeping all over the world at present. These Biewers are not more than 900-1400 gr and they are presented to misinformed customers as something very special , rare and exclusive. At the same time the breeders of these teacup dogs overestimate their dogs and the price required is higher than for standard sized Biewers. This became possible due to the fact that many of the teacup Biewers seekers would be flattered to look like their favorite celebrities carrying in their hands a tiny fashionable dog as a trendy accessory. These poor unknowing people are paying thousands of dollars for a sickly little dog just to look stylish and they cannot even imagine how high is the price for this ! Disappointment of the owner and welfare of a dog may become the price for being frivolous!

Actually, Biewer Yorkshire a la Pom Pon dogs are among the smallest dogs and their standard weight is not more than 3100 gr. If a breeding program is based on the principals observing the rules of genetics, if the breeder adheres strictly to the breeders’ ethics and is a trustworthy one, most of the puppies are born of standard size. Although, occasionally, a pair of standard sized dogs may have puppies of smaller than other puppies’ size. Such tiny creatures are so adorable that people find them perfect to make them a stylish portable toy. In case such a puppy is born from two standard parents it may be quite healthy and lack all the problems occurring in deliberately bred teacup puppies. Nevertheless, a reputable breeder will tell you about probable problems with regard to the teacup dog’s future life and will let you make up your own mind.

The situation will be quite opposite if you deal with a breeder who speaks about his specialization on breeding teacup dogs. Be ready to be faced with severe violation of breeders’ ethics and a person who is only guided by profit but not by promotion of the breed and welfare of a dog.

If you think of buying a teacup Biewer dog, please, read the following:

  • There is neither such a breed nor such standard called mini or teacup Biewer thus your dog will not be allowed to take part in dogs’ shows or breeding program.
  • The small size of the dog shouldn’t make the price go up. Mini (teacup) dogs should not be more expensive than the standard dogs. Actually, a reputable breeder will make a discount for an undersized dog.
  • If you buy a mini puppy from a breeder who doesn’t breed undersized puppies for purpose but has them just occasionally be ready for your puppy putting on weight and becoming a standard one as an adult dog.
  • As a rule, teacup puppies are born premature and thus are extremely vulnerable and require constant nourishment and care.
  • Purposefully bred teacup puppies may encounter genetic defects and diseases more frequently than standard puppies. These problems may include liver shunt, cardiac problems, collapsing trachea and a number of other serious diseases which may not be sometimes traced until a puppy becomes an adult dog. If you have one of these dogs debilitated by defects, these issues can remain or worsen throughout their lives! Usually, these puppies are so fragile that they do not live more than a few years.
  • Mini dogs very often suffer from severe hypoglycemia.
  • Teacup dogs are often ill-tempered, they may be badly socialized and suffer from constant stress.

«Whoever said you can't buy happiness forgot little puppies». Gene Hill

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